Review: Eldora Eyelashes, Ciate Paint Pot and Nougat London

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I am so excited to get started on this review because one of the products I received in my little beauty box was just so absolutely amazing, I can't wait to share it all with you! Well, actually two of the three products are fabulous, but the one in particular just had me in such a fabulous mood! So, without rambling on anymore, I'll get stuck in!

Nougat London Sparkling Body Shimmer

£14 for 250ml from

I wasn't sure about this product when I opened my little box to see it, mainly because things like this don't appeal to me anymore, and haven't done for years. For me, sparkling body shimmer is just something I have no interest in, so perhaps my review on this product is a little bias, but I shall give it anyway!

"Enriched with Vitamin E and wheatgerm oil... This moisturising gel leaves your skin luxuriously perfumed and sparkling."

Personally, I really wasn't fond of the smell at all. It had a very heavy floral smell (cherry blossom, as it says on the bottle!), which is something I'm really not keen on. The gel texture was lovely, it was almost cool on the skin and it rubbed in nice and evenly. The shimmer was very pretty, I have to admit. The pink colour didn't show on my skin, it sunk nicely in, however it didn't feel particularly moisturising, my skin just felt the same as it would have done without it.

So, while I wouldn't perhaps use this product, it does have a nice appearance on the skin, but the smell really did put me off a little, especially as it would not have gone at all with my sweet, fruity perfume!

Ciaté London Paint Pot in "Pocket Money"

£9 for 13.5ml from

At first when I saw this very cutely packaged bottle of polish, I wasn't 100% sure on the colour. However, after sitting and looking at the pot for a while the colour really did start to grow on me. A very natural, neutral colour that would pretty much go with anything I wanted it to, really, it would be perfect for me.

So without anymore hesitating I tried out the polish and I think it's safe to say I fell in love straight away. The colour was beautiful, and even one coat was stunning! It was obvious a second coat would be needed, but either way, I could probably have gotten away with just one coat if I wanted to.

The matte colour "Pocket Money" was almost a dusky pink, but a very, very dusky pink! Seeing as I have a love for dusky colours, this is probably why I fell so in love with it! And after two coats... Perfect.

I must admit, I was very pleasantly surprised to see how much shine the polish had itself without even a topcoat! It really was beautiful.

Honestly, I can hardly fault this gorgeous little Ciaté Paint Pot, other than the fact it was fairly chipped the next day - however, this may well have been down to my mistake of forgetting to apply a topcoat! I can not finish this review without mentioning the packaging once more, because it was just so adorable and delightful! I am definitely hoping to purchase some more polishes from Ciaté now that I have heard of the brand and tried it out!

Eldora Eyelashes

Well, well, well... We have come down the the final product in my second beauty box, and by far the best product I have come across yet!

Until I had tried these eyelashes, I had never actually worn false lashes before in my life. Yes, I know, I managed to go twenty years (IN A WEEK AHH) without wearing a single pair of false lashes, individual lashes or extensions! There are a few reasons behind this, the main one being that most eyelashes you purchase in stores have latex in the glue, which is something I am so allergic to it makes my eyelids into golfballs - not what you want! Another reason being, my eyelashes are actually very naturally long, as I've had just about everyone on my course commenting on over this past year, so I've never felt a need to really wear them. One thing I have always wanted to do, is to test them out just to see how nicely they'd fill out my eyelashes! Full eyelashes, as well as my naturally long lashes, is something I think would look fabulous, so I'm constantly looking out for mascaras that can give that fuller volume look.

So, on Saturday evening I started getting ready to go out to town and I decided to try out these beautiful looking lashes. I was very nervous and my hands were shaking like mad, but I was determined to get them glued on well! What I loved about these lashes right away was that they are HANDMADE eyelashes, and they are so beautiful, big and thick too! After about fifteen minutes (I am very surprised it only took me this long!) of battling with them to get them into the right place before the glue dried, I had finished them. And along with my Mac Cosmetics smokey eye, it made my eye make-up just POP! My eyes looked darker and I think it's safe to say I've never been quite so proud of my eye make-up as I was that night!

Bearing in mind that my lashes are naturally very long, I was so pleased to notice that these lashes didn't actually look too noticeably fake once they were on! In fact, they looked quite natural, just with that extra volume I've always dreamt of.

To anyone who doesn't know me, these might look very long and fake, but my eyelashes honestly aren't far off being as long as these lashes anyway!

I really ought to comment on the glue these lashes came with! It was just absolutely incredible. It lasted the entire night, from around 8pm until 5am the next morning, not once did they being to peel off (as I have noticed some people's lashes doing before), nor did they irritate me, become sore or feel even remotely loose. They were glued on pretty darn good! Considering Eylure is an eyelash brand I've always taken interest in, because I'm sure their glue also doesn't have latex in, my friend was wearing false lashes also that night by Eylure. When she arrived at my house, around 9:30pm, she had to borrow some of my lash glue, as the inner corner of one of her lashes had become loose. I'm not faulting Eylure, because I have heard some wonderful things about their products, however, she didn't need anymore glue after that quick little fix of my Eldora glue!

So, as you can probably tell from how much I've had to say and how enthusiastic I've been, Eldora lashes are by far my favourite product out of those I've received so far! I am so, absolutely in love with them and I am desperate to try out more of their products!

Thank you so much reading, you lovely bunch! I hope to hear from some of you sometime over on my Twitter, Instagram or Facebook page.

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