FASHION!: Colour Wash (Summer 2015)

Hello again!

I love doing these fashion posts, however a lot of pieces in the outfits I've created have now gone in the sale. Which is great for saving yourselves some money on grabbing these pieces, but, as it happened last week - not all of the items are available anymore. This is so upsetting because I adore these little outfits! I will however still post them with the links as I did last week and if I can find a good alternative I will post the links to them also, it'd be a shame to waste some outfits that I really enjoyed putting together.

I really do hope that you are all enjoying the FASHION! posts. I am so excited to get my food posts up too, I've got a couple of foodie posts I want to put up, however this and the next post are both going to be fashion posts to make sure that they're all up in case any of the reduced items sell out. Now that the mid-season sales have begun, I may be safe to soon start creating outfits again without the worry that pieces will sell out!

This week's outfits are a little colour crazy! Each outfit is very full on in colour, which isn't for everyone, but I thought they were just such sweet outfits and I have also broken them up a little with a different colour in there too! As for each of my fashion posts, I'm creating four different outfits and these are all going to be in different styles. I am trying to create different outfits that will appeal to different tastes (e.g. last weeks I had bikinis, high waisted bikinis and a one piece. This week I have a skirt, a dress, trousers and a playsuit!), however if you wish to see something different - please do not hesitate to get in touch and I will do my best!

Anyway I'll stop rambling on and I'll show you the next four collections I've prepared for you!

Feeling Blue?
Baby blue is a colour that I find just grabs my attention. This outfit is a fair simple one. Basic accessories add a lot to this outfit without over-doing it. The blue nail varnish and blue face on the watch pull the outfit together and the black scrunchy, shoes and skirt help to just break it up a little!

A lot of these items have sold out, which is exactly what I was afraid of and this is so upsetting. So unfortunately I've had to replace the items with similar ones. I promise, this does get better, the following three outfits have many more of the original pieces from my outfit still available either full price or in the sale!

Get The Look for £108.07:

Alternative Top #1 from Miss Foxy for £9.90
Alternative Top #2 from New Look for NOW £7.20 (WAS £14.99)
Skater Skirt from New Look for £9.99
Black Scrunchy from Topshop for £4.00
Ferris Wheel Nail Varnish from Ciaté for £9.00
Alternative Chunky Block Heel from New Look for £29.99
Socks from New Look for £1.99

Backpack from Topshop for £36.00

Pretty In Pink

Thank goodness there's only one item missing from this piece! Unfortunately the playsuit has sold out, however I found a beautiful alternative from Miss Foxy (link below in the list) which is still pale pink, however it's a little more floaty than the one shown above!

Get The Look for £114.51 (F/P):
Alternative Playsuit from Miss Foxy for £27.90
Sunglasses from Topshop for £18.00
Crossbody Bag from Topshop for £32.00
Hoopla Nail Varnish from Ciaté for £9.00
Pink Flats from Topshop for £16.00
Lipstick in Babette from Lime Crime for £11.61 ($18.00)

Lemon Sherbet

Well, if you like yellow this is definitely your outfit! And of course the carmex isn't yellow, but carmex is such a beautiful product and it really helps to nourish your lips. I adore the product, and as it has a yellow lid, I thought it'd fit in with this little collection just perfectly!

Get The Look for £86.65/88.65:
Alternative Top #1 from New Look for NOW £6.00 (WAS £9.99)
Alternative Top #2 from New Look for NOW £8.00 (WAS £19.99)
White Jeans from Topshop for £38.00
Carmex Tube from Boots for £1.65
iPhone 5 Case from Topshop for £8.00
iPhone 6 Case from Topshop for £8.00
Loop The Loop Nail Varnish from Ciaté for £9.00
Scrunchy from Topshop for NOW £1.00 (WAS £4.00)
Flatforms from Topshop for NOW £10.00 (WAS £32.00)
Alternative White Backpack from New Look for NOW £13.00 (WAS £24.99)


Once again, the main part of the outfit has sold out. Unfortunately I could not find a dress even similar to this one, which is beyond upsetting as I absolute ADORE this dress as it really makes the outfit. However instead of finding a dress similar, I did find a dress that matches everything else colour-wise.

Get The Look for £248.78 (F/P):
Alternative Dress from isme for £29.90
Alternative Bag from Jolly Chic for £31.38
Eyeshadow in Nocturnelle from MAC Cosmetics for £13.00
Purple Boots from Dr Martens for £105.00
Pandora Purple Double Woven Leather Bracelet from House of Fraser for £45.00
Guest List Nail Varnish from Ciaté for £9.00
Rebel Lipstick from MAC Cosmetics for £15.50

So, there we have it. This weeks outfits. I am so upset about the outcome of this post and these outfits as so many of the items have sold out and they are pieces I really loved and thoroughly enjoyed making. However there are still some really beautiful items available, both full price and in the sale (so get 'em quick before they sell out too!!) so I hope that you still spot some of these goodies and add them to your wardrobe! Regardless of this, I hope that everyone loves the above outfits as much as I do and finds the alternatives I have provided satisfactory.

I am going to be posting the last of the three FASHION! posts that I have made this week to avoid further disappointment! 

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And thank you all very much for reading!